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Massage Therapy

Therapeutic/Swedish Massage : The most commonly taught and well known technique in the massage world.  This modality uses 5 basic strokes all flowing towards the heart to help energize the body and stimulate circulation.  Great for beginners and anyone who wants a relaxed but therapeutic massage.

30min- $35| 60min - $60 |  90min - $80 |  120min - $100


Deep Tissue Massage :  A technique used to reach deeper into the muscle and tissue layers.  Usually used in combination with other massage modalities.  Can be helpful for chronic muscle pain and in reducing inflammation related pain caused by athritis and tendonitis.

 30min - $35| 60min - $60 |  90min - $80 |  120min - $100


Hot Stone Therapy : This modality utilizes the application of warm, heated basalt and river stones to be used in massaging the body.  The warmth from the stones is not only very relaxing but also penetrates deep into the muscles and surrounding tissues, helping to relieve tension and muscle soreness. The therapist will first use her hands to apply oil to the skin and use the stones in place of her hands for the massage.  *$5.00 Additional Fee*

30min - $40| 60min - $65 |  90min - $85 |  120min - $105


Cupping Therapy- An ancient technique developed thousands of years ago involving the use of silicone, plastic or glass cups suctioned onto the skin to help promote circulation of blood and lymph, help in pain relief and pull out toxins.  Cupping is the reverse concept of massaging with the hands, instead of using pressure on the muscle, the suction from the cups pulls the muscle and tissue upward. This upward movement is something that can only be achieved with cupping therapy, creating space in between our muscles, fascia and other connective tissues.  Client must be aware as a result of the vaccuming action with cups, there may be a temporary discoloration on the skin which can last any where from a few days to a couple of weeks, but is rarely painful. This technique can be used as an addition to any length of massage. *$5.00 Additional Fee*

30 min - $40 | 45 min - $55 | 60 min - $65 | 90 min - $85 | 120min - $105 


Pregnancy Massage :  A full body massage, designed especially for the mommy to be.  Helps expectant mother to relax before labor, as well as relieves low back/hip discomfort along with other pregnancy related aches.  Is a great way for soon to be mom to relax her body and calm her mind.  

30min - $35| 60min - $60 |  90min - $80


45 Minute Target Massage :  If you are short on time, but are having a so called "problem area" and would like it concentrated on, then this massage is perfect for you!  OR- if you are short on time but would just like an upper body relaxation massage this would be a great choice!

45min - $50



Electrolysis greatly varies from person to person as regards to their individual treatment.  If you are new to electrolysis this treatment does require a consultation.  Please call or email Ashli for more information and pricing on this service.

Treatment times are as followed...

15 min | 20 min | 30 min | 45 min | 60 min | 75 min


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